4 Proven Strategies for Generating Commercial Cleaning Leads

4 Proven Strategies for Generating Commercial Cleaning Leads

With over 66,000 cleaning companies operating in the UK, we discuss the strategies you can implement to generate Commercial Cleaning Leads in a highly saturated market.

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If you own, work for or are thinking about starting your own commercial cleaning company, the chances are you’ve probably thought to yourself: “how am I going to generate commercial cleaning leads?” or “how to get clients for a cleaning business”… that may even be how you found this guide!

In this article, we look at all the tips and tricks needed for Commercial Cleaners on how to market a commercial cleaning business, ensuring that you are generating qualified sales appointments with Decision Makers looking for your services.

Generating Cleaning Leads on LinkedIn

As a Commercial Cleaning Company LinkedIn lead generation can be one of the most powerful tools for you to add to your arsenal. In a quick search using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool, we’ve found over 76,000 Office Managers that you can easily prospect to throughout the UK. Chances are, if you are looking for commercial cleaning leads, your search is going to need to be a little more targeted, but it does give you a feel for the size of your target market!

Depending on the size of the businesses you are looking to target, will naturally determine the level of seniority you’re looking to prospect in to, but LinkedIn gives you the power to build the ultimate social prospecting list.

Great, so we’ve built a list of prospects that you can reach out to – but how do you reach out to them? If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands (hopefully you haven’t), you can reach out to them manually. However, this doesn’t seem to be the best use of your time! Automated LinkedIn messaging (using any of the LinkedIn automation tools on the market) is going to save time, build your network and help you generate cleaning leads.

LinkedIn automation can allow you to supercharge your lead generation campaign exponentially by building a network of Decision Makers that you can engage with. Not only this, but by building your social network, the more relevant people are seeing the content you publish, in turn helping you to build your brand awareness.

The key to a successful automated LinkedIn messaging programme is ensuring that you have the right balance of asking for the appointment and capturing key information, such as when they are going to review their incumbent solution. Assuming you have a CRM, start putting this high value information into your CRM so that you can reach out to them at the right time, it’s well and good being tenacious, but successful lead generation relies heavily upon getting the timing right.

Email Marketing for Commercial Cleaning Leads

Whether you have a list of prospects or you need to source relevant B2B data, a well thought-out email campaign demonstrating your experience and understanding of your target market is going to get attention.

There are plenty of email marketing software providers that you could use to deliver your message and they are all broadly similar in what they offer. What you really need to be thinking about when building an email marketing campaign is what do you want to achieve? Having worked with several contract cleaners over the years, a balanced mix of sales and marketing emails will put you in a good position for generating new business.

Think about it, what do people want from their cleaning provider? Chances are they’re looking for a company that can provide a good service, high quality cleaning from a reputable and reliable provider. If you are looking at building an email marketing campaign this is what you need to be getting across to your prospects. Demonstrating this in your emails will grab the attention of a Decision Maker, and when they are ready to review, put you at the forefront of their mind.

Sourcing Relevant B2B Data

Following on from email marketing, there isn’t much value in doing this if you do not have relevant B2B data. If you’re truly looking to build a robust lead generation engine that is going to get you ahead of the competition, you need to be looking at sourcing marketing data.

You can buy data from many reputable data brokers and, much like choosing a suitable vendor of email marketing software… they all offer pretty much the same thing. What you need to be thinking about is what data do you want, and this comes down to knowing who your target market is.

If you specialise in office cleaning and are looking for office cleaning leads or if you specialise in industrial cleaning and are therefore looking for industrial cleaning leads, getting the right data is going to be imperative to how successful your marketing campaign is. Not only this, but take a look at your existing client base. If your typical clients and most lucrative contracts sit within office related businesses that employ 20 – 40 people, don’t source data on offices that employ 10 -20 employees. Understanding your target market and where you are going to get the best return on investment is going to allow you to, once again, demonstrate your experience, but also generate new sales leads that are best suited to your business.

Telemarketing for Commercial Cleaning Leads

How could I not mention telemarketing… Telemarketing is a proven route to market for many cleaning businesses.

If you are looking at ways to grow your cleaning company, you are going to need to get in front of relevant Decision Makers looking to buy now. Unless you have a large budget for a pay per click campaign on Google, there is not really a more effective route to market for you to generate high quality sales leads with sales ready Decision Makers.

An effective telemarketing campaign can allow you to generate appointments with Decision Makers looking for cleaning services both now, and at a later date. This is an important part to remember, if you want to build an effective lead generation and marketing strategy you need to think about the bigger picture. Yes, everyone wants leads that they can sell to right now, but the cleaning companies that excel in growing their business think about future business too, not just business in the here and now.

Again, thinking about your existing client base, the chances are you have some form of agreement in place with them, whether that is a 12-month agreement, or three-year agreement. Regardless, at some point that agreement is going to come up for renewal, and at this point, your client is going to review you as a provider, this includes meeting with other cleaning businesses. This is the same for your prospects, they are going to review their incumbent solution on a cyclical basis. One of the most powerful elements of a success telemarketing lead generation campaign is obtaining when these review dates are.

By building a rapport with your prospect base, you are identifying who is going to be involved in the decision-making process, when they are going to review their incumbent solution and, if your telemarketer is really good at what they do, what their pain points are! By understanding all of this, you can align your marketing, lead generation and prospecting with your prospects and when they are most likely to buy from you.

How to get the most from your Lead Generation & Marketing Campaign when generating Commercial Cleaning Leads

When developing your lead generation and marketing campaign for generating commercial cleaning leads it is important to remember that there are many ways that you can generate leads. These are just a few proven methods that we have experienced in generating high-quality sales opportunities for your contract cleaning business.

All of the above methods will work as stand alone methods, assuming that you have the right resources or partners to develop each individual prospecting method. Like all marketing and lead generation though, the above methods work harmoniously, culminating in an integrated approach to generating sales leads whilst maximising each individual route. For example, say that you are looking to build a lead generation strategy that encompasses automated LinkedIn messaging, email marketing and telemarketing, you could do the following:

• Build your ideal prospect list using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

• Develop an automated LinkedIn messaging sequence focussed on demonstrating knowledge and understanding of your prospects whilst generating sales qualified leads.

• For those that are not ready to buy from you yet, engage with them in a conversation to ascertain when they are likely to review, and obtain their contact details.

• Input this data into your CRM and commence your email marketing strategy.

• Source relevant B2B data on businesses that meet your ideal prospect.

• Incorporate B2B telemarketing into your lead generation strategy with three objectives in mind:

  1. Qualifying data – Decision Makers and their review dates.

  2. Generate sales qualified appointments with Decision Makers looking to buy cleaning services now.

  3. Nurture prospects that have been included in your email marketing, and automated LinkedIn messaging.

As mentioned, these methods can all be used as individual marketing tactics, however, if you’re looking to build a sophisticated lead generation strategy that sets you aside from the competition, you should really be looking at how you can develop a fully integrated approach to generating those all-important sales qualified leads, maximising the efforts of each of your approaches.

According to the most recent study by PolicyBee, there are over 66,000 cleaning companies operating in the UK – meaning that you’re generating new business in a highly saturated market. If you want to get ahead of the competition, raise awareness of your brand and generate sales leads with Decision Makers looking to buy now (whilst maximising every penny of your marketing budget), you need to look at developing an integrated sales and marketing strategy.

If you’d be interested in discussing this article in more detail, or how we can help you to get ahead of the competition call 03332 400 054 or email enquiries@leadgenspecialists.co.uk

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