5 important tips to get more leads in your sales funnel!

5 important tips to get more leads in your sales funnel!

All B2B businesses are focussed on one common goal – getting more leads into their sales funnel. In today’s article, we’re going to be looking at some of the methods that you can use to generate more leads to work through your sales funnel.

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Think you have a handle on your sales funnel? You might be surprised at how much more effective you could be with a few simple tips. In this article, we'll outline five ways to improve your sales funnel and get more leads into your business.

Pay Per Click

There is no getting away from the fact that Pay Per Click can absolutely generate more customers into your sales pipeline… but it can come at a cost, and a hefty one at that! (That’s not to say that it isn’t something you should consider within your overall marketing strategy.)

Pay Per Click allows you to easily bring prospects to your website, showcasing exactly what you can do for them. Assuming that the setup of the campaign has been done effectively, the chances are they have an active interest in what you have to sell.

Depending on the size of your annual, or monthly, marketing budget and the competitiveness of your sector, Pay Per Click campaigns can easily become expensive. As you enter the bidding war for those top-ranking search terms, you can find yourself spending in excess of £25 per click! This is fine if you convert them, but if they click on to someone else’s website after yours or get caught up and forget to make an enquiry, the cost of that click is lost.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

I’m a big believer in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Regardless of your proposition, if you’re using your website as a mechanism to generate leads and nurture prospects, SEO should be high on your priority list!

By creating high quality content that’s optimised for keywords that prospects are searching for, you can begin to generate new enquiries. The higher quality your content, the more people will talk about it, and ultimately a snowball effect begins taking place… all resulting in you ranking higher with Google. To aid in your search engine optimisation, there are a number of fantastic tools, such as SmarttDigital, their AI technology allows you to understand your marketplace, and the keywords and phrases you should be utilising in the content on your website. In addition, their progressive AI understands your sector, competitors and provides you with content suggestions and in-depth insight into how to develop your SEO plan.

B2B Telemarketing & Appointment Setting

As a B2B telemarketing agency, we couldn’t not talk about telemarketing could we!? Telemarketing is a measurable way of generating new prospects consisting of both Sales Qualified leads and Marketing Qualified leads.

By engaging with prospects at all levels in your sales funnel, you can begin to qualify prospects generating new opportunities with those that have an immediate need for your services, whilst building a pipeline of opportunities that can be nurtured over the longer term. What many businesses will typically find when deploying a telemarketing campaign, especially when as part of an integrated approach, is that they will generate higher quality sales opportunities as highly qualified telemarketers can influence prospects and answer questions where static content cannot. Suppliers that are known to the buyer at the start of the review process are more likely to sell to those prospects when it comes to deciding upon a supplier. By making the prospect aware of your service offering before review, and then having nurtured them until they become sales ready, your close rate will often be higher than that of Pay Per Click.

As with anything, this does depend on the sector that you’re in. For example, if you sell office stationery, and someone clicks on your link they’re either going to buy from you or they’re not. If however, your proposition is a considered purchase then by being known at the beginning of the sales cycle you’re definitely more likely to sell at the end!

Email Marketing

If you’ve seen our recent post “Email for Marketing and Lead Generation”, then you will have seen how email marketing can still be a highly effective route to market. At The Lead Gen Specialists we use email marketing to generate new opportunities and nurture prospects, both for ourselves, and our customers.

Check out the blog above to find out how we’ve achieving 40%+ open rates and obtaining a large number of responses from the cold email outreach that we’re doing.

Social Media & Content Marketing

Over recent years, social media has well and truly propelled itself into the B2B selling process. With more prospects than ever actively on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, you should absolutely be looking to engage with your prospects here!

As part of your content marketing strategy it’s likely that you’re going to be creating content for the three stages of the sales cycle; Awareness, Consideration and Evaluation. By sharing this content with your social audience, you can continue to nurture prospects as they evaluate you as a potential supplier. As your articles show on their news feeds, you’ll begin to create brand recognition and awareness among prospects, not to mention a personal relationship. Depending on where prospects are within their own sales cycle, the content that is relevant to them will encourage them to click through to read more. Ultimately landing them back on your website to continue their evaluation of you.

If you’re looking for more tips on Social Media & Content Marketing, you may find it useful to take a look at our blog ‘4 Tips to Improve your Lead Generation & Telemarketing Campaigns’ which looks at content for social media!

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