How To Create Effective & Unique Selling Points

You need to understand what your USPs are, and how you can help to alleviate the pain points that your prospects are facing.

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It is essential to understand what your USPs are facing when generating new leads. As a result, you can choose the correct lead generation tactic such as Telemarketing, Digital Marketing (Email content) or Social Media Prospecting to help alleviate the pain points and increase conversions. Ultimately, this information will lead to creating an effective and unique lead generation strategy for your team.

In our previous blog Laying the Foundations to a Successful Lead Generation Programme, we touched upon the importance of truly understanding your Unique Selling Points when conducting a successful outbound lead generation programme. In this article, we will expand on each point and give more in-context detail.

Be Specific With Your Deliverables

As professional lead generation experts, we’ve met with hundreds of clients over the last decade to plan, prepare and execute outbound lead generation campaigns using various marketing and lead generation tactics. As with any outsourced marketing or lead gen service, we need to understand who you are, what you offer and how you differ from your competitors.

It’s not uncommon for business owners to mistake great service for a USP. In some respects, offering a great service to your client base is important. However, from a lead generation and marketing perspective, great service by itself isn’t going to differentiate you from your competitors. Unless they’re shouting about the fact they offer their clients a bad service, which is highly unlikely, you’re going to be singing from the same song sheet!

If you believe that great service is a USP, you need to back it up with a differentiating statement.

For example, if we talk about great service to our prospects, we would be looking to say something like; “our clients benefit from a great service, and the customers utilising our telemarketing services are seeing an uplift in leads and an increase in sales pipeline”.

By adding the differentiating statement, you are taking the great service as a USP and backing it up with something tangible that demonstrates the impact of your great service.

Identify Unique Selling Points

To fully understand your effective & unique selling points, you need to understand your target audience. What do you know about your target audience and why they buy items/services from the market you are operating in? What needs do those items/services meet for them? In other words, are they looking for time-saving, some expertise, a trustworthy supplier, or something else?

Then look at how your offering meets these needs.

By understanding this, you can begin to build differentiating statements putting you in a position to start engaging your target audience in a conversation and converting them into either Marketing Qualified or Sales Ready leads.

We’ve mentioned before, your existing customers can be a great place to learn and understand how to position yourself when prospecting for new business. Your sales team will have to understand that they’ve bought from you for a reason, and in understanding these reasons you can use that information to plan your go-to market strategy.

Identify Why Your Customers Chose You

A lot of the reasons why your customers bought from you will depend upon your service offering. Is it a “commodity” or strategic service that is going to propel their business forward?

If it's a product, does it revolve around the day-to-day running of the business, or is it a unique product that will allow them to differentiate from their competitors?

Areas that can determine why your customers bought from you are:

  • What impact does your offering have on the buyer?
  • Is your offering completely different to that of your competitors, or is there another reason that they bought from you? I.e. price, quality, Etc.
  • What messages resonate with your customers during the sales process?
  • During their fact find with you, what questions did they ask? (By understanding this, you can gain some valuable insight into their pain points.)

In asking yourself these questions, you can begin to understand more about why your customer base bought from you, allowing you to plan for your effective & unique outbound activity.

At The Lead Gen Specialists, we work closely with our customers in understanding your Unique Selling Points to take your products or services to market. If you’d be interested in a no-obligation conversation to understand your USPs further and what recommendations we would make on how to best take your business to market, profiling prospects and generate marketing qualified & sales qualified leads, contact us through 03332 400 054 or

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