Impacts of Rising Energy Costs on Commercial Solar Leads

With rising Oil, Gas and Electricity costs, Businesses and Consumers are looking at Solar and other Renewable Energy options. In a sea of providers, what can you do to ensure that you stand out from the crowd, boosting the number of sales appointments and leads your Salespeople are engaging with week?

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Companies offering renewable energy solutions, such as solar, are continually looking for sales qualified leads and appointments. How can your company get ahead of the competition? Buyers become more aware of their carbon footprint, rapidly increasing energy costs as well as the pros and cons of both renewable and non-renewable electricity.

Getting in front of key buyers sooner rather than later is now more important than ever.

In this article, we are looking at key messages that resonate with your prospects. We will also examine what you can do to increase the number of sales appointments your salespeople are attending each week in the competitive solar and renewable energy industry.

Generating Solar Leads in a Highly Competitive Market

With the recent spike in energy prices and speculation of energy costs doubling over the next ten years, businesses are looking for effective cost-cutting methods now more than ever. Prices are rising across the board from every non-renewable energy supplier in every major city worldwide. As a result, businesses both big and small are starting to accept the reality of a renewable future.

This all sounds great, but as a provider of Solar solutions, what does this mean for you? Solar energy providers are more than aware of the ever-increasing demand for solar solutions. As a result, the market is already saturated with offerings from many different companies. This makes it harder to stand out and causes more difficulties for clients looking for renewable energy solutions.

In a sea of solar energy companies all competing to get their message heard, you need to be able to get your compelling message directly to Decision Makers. You will need to include information on your solution and why they should choose your company. The best method is telemarketing.

Telemarketing enables you to get your business in front of Decision Makers to show how you can solve the challenges their business is facing. The key element is providing the answer before they start evaluating other suppliers.

The Race for a Smaller Carbon Footprint - Developing Your Solar Marketing Strategies

According to Google Trends, interest in ‘carbon footprint’ increased tenfold from 2017 to 2021, but what does it actually mean?

The term ‘carbon footprint’ refers to the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere, as a result of an individual, company or organisation's activities.

In modern times, many companies have realised that a reduced carbon footprint brings a lot of benefits to their business, besides the environmental impact of reducing air pollutants. For example, an improved brand image. According to a study by EDF Energy, 81% of consumers are more likely to choose a brand committed to environmental sustainability.

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To add to this, some companies decrease their carbon footprint due to legal incentives. The Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 2013, requires that all UK quoted companies annually report on their greenhouse gas emissions.

Aligning your messaging with the race for a smaller carbon footprint can help your business in achieving its growth aspirations. Developing an effective solar marketing strategy and speaking directly with prospects will allow you to generate highly qualified sales appointments.

The Benefits of Commercial Solar Installations

The main benefits of solar power are widely recognised by many households, businesses and organisations, the reduction in energy costs and carbon footprint are among these.

However, there are many unrealised benefits to using renewable energy. For example, by using an energy storage system in conjunction with a solar power system to create a solar battery.

Energy Storage Systems are, in essence, large batteries. These battery backup systems capture energy to be stored and can then be used as supplemental power during high tariff times. After covering the installation process, and solar panel costs, this method can result in huge savings from the premiums businesses pay during high peak times using the National Grid.

The savings produced using these systems are yet another incentive for business owners to make the switch to renewable energy. Incorporating these additional key messages into your lead generation and marketing strategy will help in setting you aside from the competition. it will also generate higher-quality sales appointments for your marketing team.

A great benefit to businesses using solar energy produced on-site is that it allows them to become less reliant on the National Grid. This also means their operation will be more resilient to situations such as power cuts, which can keep operations running without any extra costs.

With this being said, your business can take advantage of and use telemarketing services to effectively communicate all these benefits to generate leads for your solar energy business.

Take the Lead With Solar Leads

As companies and consumers become more aware of previously mentioned benefits and the market becomes saturated with options, developing a robust lead generation method becomes paramount in growing a successful sales strategy. In addition to this, creating a strong marketing and appointment-setting strategy is crucial for success.

This inevitable push to provide solar solutions causes Decision Makers to experience a choice overload and possibly force them into the hands of their competition.

Telemarketing could be the solution for your business, leading to the generation of immediate sales opportunities but also marketing qualified leads. It will enable you to directly engage with key Decision Makers and will allow your company to be among the first of their options.

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