The Age of the LinkedIn Robots

The Age of the LinkedIn Robots

Mundane tasks are already automated and human activity mimicked, but are you a human LinkedIn robot?

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LinkedIn is a powerful, professional network comprising of 650+ Million users. We all use LinkedIn for connecting with our customers, colleagues, and friends, many also use it as a prospecting tool, but many are LinkedIn Robots. With the development of machine learning & AI, it is already the case that much of online chat is performed by bots. Mundane tasks are already automated and human activity mimicked, but are you a human LinkedIn robot?

What Do We Mean By LinkedIn Robots?

When a connection changes role, we get a notification and can press a button that sends the connection an impersonal message congratulating them on their new venture. Each year, when your birthday comes along, you will more than likely get a number of messages coming through wishing you a happy birthday, again from the single click of a button.

The LinkedIn Robots come in other forms too, those that send a connection request with no initial greeting or subsequent follow-up message, or those that read through posts liking but not commenting. Now we are not saying that there is anything wrong with liking posts or sending connection requests… but if you are looking to generate new business from LinkedIn, then you’re going to need to do a lot more than like a connection’s post!

What can you do to transition from a LinkedIn Robot to an engaging member of LinkedIn? Creating content does not come naturally to all, and let’s face it, using LinkedIn as a prospecting tool can be laborious, repetitive and incredibly time consuming. That being said, whilst it may be time consuming, for many, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can really help to increase your new business pipeline.

We encourage our B2B clients to look at including LinkedIn prospecting as part of their marketing strategy. By sharing content to your ever-growing network, you are not only helping to build brand awareness, but by creating the additional touch points, when the time comes for the connection to review their incumbent solution, they have a known, trusted point of contact. The great thing about prospecting on LinkedIn, is that it does not have to be as pain staking as you may have initially thought!

When Looking At Your LinkedIn Prospecting Plan, You Should Take Into Consideration:

Who you want to target, who are the likely Decision Makers, and within which industries? How are you going to engage with these prospects? Sending a connection request alone will allow you to gain new connections, but what can you do to engage them in a conversation? What content can you share with your network to show your knowledge of their sector, and how you can make an impact on their needs? Are you ready to make the transition from a LinkedIn Robot to a prospecting pro? At The Lead Gen Specialists, we are regularly speaking with our clients about how they are currently engaging new prospects, and many have tried using LinkedIn to build their pipeline. What they have come across is that it can be time consuming, and ultimately, there are more time critical tasks that need to be done, with LinkedIn often taking a back seat.

What many do not realise is that it isn’t difficult to engage in new conversations with new prospects, if you know how. If you’d be interested in having a conversation about what we can do to help with your prospecting, get in touch on 03332 400 054 or send an email to

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