The Power of Modern Telemarketing

The Power of Modern Telemarketing

In this article, we shall be looking at how telemarketing has changed from the boiler room style of “hammering the phone” to becoming an effective way of generating sales qualified, and marketing qualified, B2B leads.

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Much like all areas of marketing, telemarketing has had to adapt and change to modern business practices. Both in the way that telemarketing is conducted, language and phraseology, although traditional selling methodologies can be utilised, the language and technology used to deliver the messaging has changed over recent years. As has how the messaging is received by prospects.

Long gone are the days of opening the Yellow Pages and calling through to try and win business. Effective, modern telemarketing consists of planning, preparation and utilising modern techniques. By modern, we don’t mean the automated “you’ve been in an accident” calls that many of you will have received. But instead by utilising email marketing platforms, LinkedIn, the right CRM system etc.

In this article, we shall be looking at how telemarketing has changed from the boiler room style of “hammering the phone” to becoming an effective way of generating sales qualified, and marketing qualified, B2B leads.

Lead Generation utilising Social Media

LinkedIn on its own can be a powerful tool for building new relationships, along with maintaining those all-important existing relationships. From a telemarketing perspective, it’s a highly effective tool that should be utilised effectively to help enhance your database and solidify opportunities.

As mentioned previously, telemarketing has had to adapt to the way that modern B2B buyers buy. The way in which modern B2B buyers engage with prospective companies has changed, often meaning that you need to market your business to multiple members of the Decision-Making Unit, DMU or provide additional supporting literature. The days of simply saying “Dave is a lovely bloke, really knows his onions, let him come and share his experiences and tell you a story” are long gone!

The devil is in the Data

When sourcing data, you’ll look at the types of businesses that you want to sell to, and then select data that has a named contact of someone who is likely to be a member of the DMU. Until you call into the business, unless you only sell to business owners, you’re not going to know if the named contact is responsible for purchasing what you have to offer.

For example, let’s take telecoms. You’re calling into a business to discuss their phone system and what you can offer them. The likelihood is that there are going to be multiple Decision Maker’s involved within the buying process:

IT Director / Manager or Telecoms Manager

The chances are that, when a business comes to look at a new phone system, the IT Director, or Manager, is going to be responsible for speaking with prospective suppliers. Therefore, you’re most likely going to source data where the name of either the IT Director or Manager is available. When whittling down the list of potential suppliers though, there are going to be other Decision Maker’s involved within that process.

Financial Director

Once the prospective suppliers have been chosen and submitted their reports, at this stage, it is likely that the Financial Director will get involved to evaluate the cost effectiveness of each potential supplier. Whilst price may be a contributing factor to the FD’s Decision Making, the FD is also going to be considering the on-going costs. If you are marketing to the FD from an early stage in the consideration phase of your sales cycle, then you’re more likely to win the FD over! Try connecting with the FD on LinkedIn and incorporating them into your email marketing.

Business Owner(s)

The ultimate decision, depending on the businesses’ size, is going to sit with the business owner(s). Again, try connecting with them on LinkedIn so that they can see the content that you’re sharing, along with including them within your email marketing campaigns.

By understanding the personas of those who make up your Decision-Making Unit, you can then begin marketing to each of the members.

You can absolutely achieve this without using LinkedIn, but the chances of a Gatekeeper providing you with all the information you need is rather slim!

CRM with Email Marketing Functionality

There is a myriad of CRM systems out there, and this blog is not about which CRM system you should be choosing. However, with modern telemarketing, it’s highly beneficial to have everything in one place, including:

  • Data, such as all members of the Decision-Making Unit
  • The ability to send templated emails
  • The ability to send email marketing campaigns that update on a contact level how prospects are engaging.

With the ever-changing technology readily available to marketers, there is no exception to those of us telemarketing! By having the power to automate certain elements, and hone in on those prospects most likely to engage, you’re likely to see an increase in your conversion rates.

Ensuring that you have the right technology in place to support your telemarketing is vitally important if you’re interested in converting as many conversations as possible!

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