Why Outsourced Telemarketing Will Benefit Your Business

Telemarketing for any business, whether you’re a new start up or large enterprise, can be one of the most proven methods of increasing sales leads, and ultimately your sales growth.

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The thought of outsourced telemarketing often comes with a few misconceptions, ranging from being an expensive alternative to telemarketing agents bullying prospects into submission. I.e. Getting a prospect to say “yes” when they’re not too interested in the proposition.

Furthermore, it can be seen as an outdated method compared to digital marketing when doing a large amount of outreach for high-quality leads.

However, any professional telemarketing or lead generation agency worth your time will be the complete opposite of this.

A Tried & Tested Method

One of the most effective ways to boost sales leads and, eventually, revenue development for any company, whether it be a major corporation or a brand-new start-up, is through telemarketing.

Unlike lead generation strategies such as email marketing, you can engage with prospects who would not have come to you organically by using experienced, high-quality, and highly-effective Telemarketers.

Most importantly, they have the ability to directly speak with key decision makers. So why do some people have these common misconceptions?


Telemarketing services can be a cost-effective route to market for more than one reason.

Depending on how you look at outsourced telemarketing services, it can appear to be more expensive than having an in-house Telemarketer or team of Telemarketers. However, the costs can add up very quickly. Time and money spent on training, allocating data, analysis, working on the messaging, setting up phone lines and bespoke telemarketing software will all contribute to a very large bill.

Additionally, there is also the time involved in finding a telemarketer that can pick up the phone and engage with prospects. Oftentimes, you won’t be able to tell this from just looking at their CV.

When you consider all of the variables aside from the monthly salary, holiday pay and pension contributions, outsourcing your telemarketing campaigns to a reputable telemarketing service agency suddenly becomes a lot more viable, They have the infrastructure, techniques and ability to generate your opportunities from a standing start. Ultimately, they will have more experience in this specific stage of the lead generation process.

The Importance of Experience

We seek more than simply prior outbound telemarketing experience when hiring new Telemarketers to join our expanding team. We need to make sure they have the appropriate level of tenacity, questioning prowess, and resilience to take rejection in stride.

They must be able to provide a proposition to a prospect while conversing with them on a personal level, learning about their problems and highlighting how your offer can solve them.

They must be able to do this without reading from a script.

Outsourcing your lead generation to an experienced, professional telemarketing agency allows you to benefit from their having already vetted and worked with their Telemarketers to ensure that they are the best that they can be.

Prepared to engage with prospects and turn them into opportunities for your salespeople to meet with. Knowing when to walk away from a prospect who needs more nurturing before converting to a sales-qualified opportunity is also important.

Improve Efficiency in Your Business

Your team of salespeople are sales, not lead generation.

Many salespeople despise the prospecting stage. They get their thrill as salespeople from selling to prospects and converting them into paying customers, and seasoned salespeople do not face regular rejection.

The character needed for telemarketing is considerably different from that of a sales team member. They still need to be affable, have good questioning techniques, and be ready to seize an opportunity.

Additionally, they must be able to place a lot of calls, get past gatekeepers, confront decision-makers, and deal with rejection by turning a no into a yes or realizing that a prospect has to be nurtured further.

By outsourcing your telemarketing function to a team of experts, your salespeople and marketing department will be more productive as they’re spending time doing what they’re good at… selling! Rather than prospecting when it more than likely isn’t their strongest suit.

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