Westgate Cleaning

Our brief was to generate sales qualified leads and appointments within the Education and Medical sectors for Westgate Cleaning to quote for their contract cleaning services.

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Case Study

Westgate Cleaning

Westgate Cleaning are a specialist commercial contract cleaning company, specialising within the Education and Healthcare sectors. As a professional cleaning company, with experienced and dedicated cleaners working throughout the Greater London area, Westgate Cleaning were keen to increase the number of clients they support acorss both the Education and Healthcare / Medical sectors.

What was our brief?

Westgate Cleaning had an internal telemarketing resource; however, were looking at ways to increase the number of sales appointments that they had. With this in mind, and their areas of expertise, Westgate Cleaning tasked The Lead Gen Specialists with generating new sales qualified appointments with qualified Decision makers across both the Medical and Educational sector.

The Telemarketing Campaign

Following on from our Strategy Session with Westgate Cleaning, we sourced B2B Data for prospects that met their ideal target market, consisting of: Schools, Colleges & Universities, Medical Centres & Doctors Practices. Once sourced we, The Lead Gen Specialists, then commenced the outbound process of qualifying Decision Makers within the dataset.

Once qualified, our team engaged with Decision Makers to ascertain their incumbent solution, whether that was an external provder, or inhouse cleaning staff. Having taken the time to understand Westgate Cleaning's industry, key messages and differentiating statements, we were able to position Westgate Cleaning as a serious supplier and, as a result, generated qualified opportunities for Westgate Cleaning to meet with prospects and provide competitive quotations for their cleaning requirements.

The Lead Gen Specialists have worked closely with us in helping us to achieve our ambitions for increasing the number of educational and medical establishments through the Greater London area. We have continually been kept up to date on progress and have built a good working relationship with Jason, Ben and Laura (our Telemarketer). Since working with The Lead Gen Specialists, we have been supplied with a flow of leads and appointments for us to partake in tenders, and full quotes with both smaller and larger opportunities. I would not hesitate in recommending The Lead Gen Specialists to anyone who is looking for a professional resource to help drive their business forwards. They clearly know how to prospect and engage with Decision Makers and generate not just appointments... but sales qualified appointments with genuine opportunities.

Mark Evans, Managing Director

Westgate Cleaning