As a leading, and long established, health and well-being company based in York. YorkTest wanted to partner with a professional telemarketing company to help them achieve their ambitious growth objectives. Having discovered The Lead Gen Specialists, YorkTest have been working with us for the past 10 months utilising both our Telemarketing & Email Marketing services to help them secure sales qualified appointments with HR Professionals and Business Leaders. Read the full case study here!

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YorkTest are a leading health and well-being company based in York. Possessing over 40 years of heritage, YorkTest works with their clients to identify food intolerance and allergies in order to provide individuals with the information required to make positive changes, and to gain a better sense of health and wellbeing. As a leading home health test provider, their range of intolerance and allergy tests are designed to empower their clientele with the knowledge to understand their health and well-being. In addition to providing guidance as to how to overcome these underlying and negatively impactful ailments.

What was our brief?

YorkTest engaged with The Lead Gen Specialists to provide them with a daily telemarketing resource, allowing them to build their business-to-business user base. The initial brief comprised of profiling and sourcing a database of 1,000 prospects that mirrored YorkTest's ideal customer profile (ICP).

Having sourced a database of prospects within YorkTest's ICP, The Lead Gen Specialists then utilised our professional telemarketing service to generate sales qualified appointments with HR professionals within the Legal and Accounting sector. The purpose of these meetings was to discuss how YorkTest can partner with businesses to offer their range of intolerance tests to employees as an employment benefit.

The Telemarketing & Lead Generation Campaign

Using the database of prospects, our telemarketing team began calling the agreed industry sector to generate sales qualified appointments with Senior HR Directors and Managers. The structure of these calls was to understand the business' existing health and well-being strategy and to discuss how YorkTest could partner with, and provide monumental benefit to both the business and its employees.

Whilst we are all aware of the significant impact that food intolerances can have on people, they can often be overlooked. Symptoms can range from mild ailments including headaches and bloating, to depression, anxiety and skin conditions. 

As the campaign progressed, it became evident that prospects were interested in YorkTest's full spectrum of tests. Fast forward to 10 months on and The Lead Gen Specialists are now incorporating email marketing and telemarketing to generate leads across a multitude of sectors. With a database of c.12,000 prospects, The Lead Gen Specialists are conducting sequential email marketing, and daily telemarketing to engage, converse and convert prospects into qualified appointments. These prospects are interested in having commercial discussions with YorkTest's leadership team about how they can partner with them to provide a range of heal and well-being tests for their employees.

Working with The Lead Gen Specialists has proved to us internally that telemarketing can and does work! Working with the team has been effortless and enjoyable, having built a great rapport with the team, in particular, Laura our assigned Telemarketer to the campaign. We have been passed qualified opportunities that have helped us with our ambitious growth plans, and we are looking forward to continuing this journey with The Lead Gen Specialists having found a telemarketing company that can generate new sales leads. Each week we meet with Ben and Laura to discuss the campaign, the progress and provide feedback on the leads that have been generated. Both Ben and Laura are approachable and take our feedback to further develop and improve the outbound telemarketing work that is being conducted for us. If you're looking for a telemarketing and lead generation partner to help you achieve your growth objectives, I could not recommend The Lead Gen Specialists any higher!

Gemma Callaghan, Chief Commercial Offier


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