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B2B Telemarketing & Lead Generation for Finance & Accounting Businesses. Targeted lead generation activity to get you in front of key decision makers.

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With more and more companies looking to streamline their internal functions, Accountants, Bookkeepers, and other Financial Institutions need to ensure that they are developing a robust, ROI-focused lead generation and marketing programme.

Our team of dedicated, business development professionals will work with you to identify immediate sales opportunities for Accountants, Bookkeepers and other Financial Institutions. In addition, building you a bespoke database of Marketing Qualified Leads, with prospects that are looking to review their incumbent solution at a later date. 

Our range of telemarketing and lead generation strategies are already helping Accountants & Bookkeepers to get ahead of the competition, are you ready for increased growth?

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How We Help Accountancy & Financial Institutions Get More Sales Appointments

At The Lead Gen Specialists, we work with our Accountancy & Financial clients to help build an effective and ROI focussed sales, marketing and lead generation formula that gets you ahead of the competition. From data sourcing to generating sales-qualified leads and appointments, our lead generation strategies set you up for business growth allowing your salespeople to do what they do best… sell!

Having identified the business that you want to sell to, your dedicated Telemarketer will reach out to your prospects to identify key decision makers, understand their incumbent solution, and pain points, whilst putting your forward as an alternate supplier. 

Whilst generating sales-qualified appointments with those who have an immediate need for your products or services, our market intelligence will also build a database of marketing-qualified leads that will enable you to proactively target these businesses when they are next reviewing their current provider.

By understanding your prospects, your lead generation activity can be focused on getting your salespeople in front of potential buyers at the right time. If you would be interested in finding out more about how we help businesses like you within the Finance & Accounting sector, book a call today to find out how you can increase the ROI on your lead generation and marketing spend now. 

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