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Effective, engaging and agile. Telemarketing and Lead Generation

Gain the competitive edge with a lead generation company who understand how to generate new leads and more importantly, new customers.

Are you looking for an effective telemarketing resource to engage with your prospects, ask questions to understand their pain points and promote the benefits of working with your company?

The Lead Gen Specialists offer profitable growth through agile telemarketing and lead generation. Our highly skilled Telemarketers can develop sales opportunities that can, and do, convert into new high-value contracts for our clients.

A proven approach to telemarketing success Always delivering results

We measure and revise our strategy and techniques to ensure we are always delivering results. Just ask our clients.

  • Tailored Business Strategy. With extensive B2B experience, we seamlessly blend into your sales & marketing function.
  • Expert Engagement. Our telemarketers go beyond the script with open dialogue to truly understand your prospects' objectives.
  • Talented Professionals. We recruit talented business development professionals to turn decision makers into qualified opportunities.

Modern telemarketingMore than just phoning and pitching.

Our friendly telemarketers engage with your prospects to identify their incumbent situation - asking salient questions to uncover key information and understand their business objectives.

Incorporating NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), open dialogue and key questioning skills, our telemarketers do more than prime your prospective clients - they actively unlock sales opportunities that convert into high value contracts for your business.

How Telemarketing helps your business grow

Telemarketing allows for direct communication with prospects, understanding their needs and gathering information. We train our staff to build instant rapport with prospects and convert them into solid, sales-qualified appointments and leads.

Data Enrichment Going beyond sales ready appointments and leads

Whilst engaging in peer-to-peer conversation, our experienced telemarketers can uncover key information about your market, adding value to your database and paving the way for ongoing lead nurturing. By only generating sales opportunities with sales-ready prospects, our clients can generate growth with qualified, sales-ready leads.

Don’t just take our word for it - what do our clients have to say?

Since the beginning of our campaign, The Lead Gen Specialists have supplied us with regular, sales-ready leads and have proved that they know what they're doing regarding lead generation. They have completely transformed our perception of telemarketing services, continuing to generate high-quality sales opportunities that we're converting from appointments to trials and quotes that the sales team here are genuinely excited about.

Amanda Bowbanks, Head of End-Customer Marketing
Jabra EMEA North (B2B) – Jabra

Wow. What an experience this has been! We had previously used telemarketing agencies in the past, with varying degrees of success. The Lead Gen Specialists have surpassed all our expectations, generating over 100 qualified appointments and leads in their first two months of calling.

Loughborough College
Adela Angell, Commercial Projects Officer
Loughborough College

Since working with The Lead Gen Specialists, we have been supplied with over 100 sales-qualified leads. I would not hesitate to recommend The Lead Gen Specialists to anyone looking for a telemarketing agency that delivers high-quality sales opportunities that can convert into new business.

Avery Weigh-Tronix
Gemma Rule, Communications Manager
Avery Weigh-Tronix

After searching for solutions to help provide high-quality leads to our sales team, we came across The Lead Gen Specialists. It’s safe to say that we haven’t looked back! From the proposal to the current day, we have been updated with regular reporting, including an extensive pipeline and, of course, many high-quality, sales-ready leads!

Tecserv UK
Colin Milligan, Sales & Marketing Director
Tecserv UK

Working with The Lead Gen Specialists proves that telemarketing can and does work! Working with the team has been effortless and enjoyable, and I have built a great rapport with the team, particularly Laura, our assigned Telemarketer to the campaign. If you’re looking for a telemarketing and lead generation partner to help you achieve your growth objectives, I could not recommend The Lead Gen Specialists any higher!

Gemma Callaghan, Chief Commercial Officer

The Lead Gen Specialists Lead generation services for B2B and B2C

With a combined experience of over 30 years working within the lead generation and marketing services sector, our two directors have combined all the best practices to deliver lead generation campaigns that drive new business, increase awareness, and build a pipeline of prospects that are engaging with your messaging.

A flow of sales qualified leads

Unlike many lead generation agencies, The Lead Gen Specialists' team pride themselves upon delivering exactly what clients want. A lead generation mechanism that generates a flow of sales qualified leads with prospects looking to buy their products or services.

We're all about growing businesses. By generating high quality sales leads with Senior Decision-Makers that your team can convert, we can help grow your business significantly too.

We can supercharge your lead generation.

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The Lead Generation Specialists

The Lead Gen Specialists provide professional effective lead generation services for both B2B and B2C clients.

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