6 Reasons to Outsource Your Telemarketing

When looking at ways to increase the number of leads your salespeople have to follow up on, then telemarketing should most definitely be one tactic that you’re considering. If you are contemplating how to ramp up your lead generation activity, why should you look at outsourced telemarketing? Read on!

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When looking at ways to increase the number of leads your salespeople have to follow up on, then telemarketing should most definitely be one tactic that you’re considering.

Why should you consider outsourcing your telemarketing to companies in the UK if you're thinking about how to increase your lead generation activity?

Stay In Control

Even though you’re outsourcing your telemarketing activity, it’s important to know that you are still very much in control of what is happening. After all, it’s your company name that the Telemarketer is going to be calling from.

Professional telemarketers will also be transparent about their marketing tools and lead generation tools.

What you do benefit from with outsourcing is a level of testing and measuring that you wouldn’t be able to achieve by employing your own Telemarketer. We can deploy your resources, AB test Telemarketers and find the right voice to engage with your prospects. We can even figure out the time of day that would benefit you the most.

For example, some campaigns work well being called in the morning, others in the afternoon, and sometimes makes no difference.

By outsourcing, you can measure and identify what works best when taking your products and services to market.


If you were to employ a Telemarketer, you would need them to work the hours that you hired them for. However, by outsourcing, you can scale the activity as needed. If you have a large campaign coming up within the next few weeks, you can increase the amount of work being done. Alternatively, should you need to scale down, you have the flexibility to do so too.

Giving Your Sales Team Time to Sell

If you’d prefer your marketing team to also do prospecting, you wouldn’t be alone. Many business owners, sales directors, and sales managers want their salespeople to prospect as well.

By outsourcing your telemarketing, your salespeople will have more time readily available to sell to prospects that want to engage with them, rather than identifying prospects at an early stage.

Our telemarketers are qualified to create a sales funnel based on your criteria. Additionally, they will arrange the meeting, make telephone calls and demos to take place.

This will allow your salespeople to do what they do best, which is sell!


Many people commonly believe that outsourcing telemarketing to a professional lead generation agency can be expensive, but the reality is far different.

To hire a dedicated telemarketer, you will have to consider the salary, national insurance, holiday pay and pension contributions, along with the time spent training and mentoring.

You will have to invest in bespoke telemarketing software, computers, office space, and even tea & coffee. Ultimately, you’ll soon realise that outsourcing your telemarketing efforts can be far less expensive than you may have initially thought.

If you consider overtime that you may need to pay if scaling up as previously mentioned, it can soon prove to be a very expensive task to do in-house.

Ultimately, outsourcing it would be more cost-effective.

Internal Resources

By outsourcing telemarketing, you can focus on other key areas of your business, knowing that you will still have a flow of leads coming in.

It saves you both the time and expense of having to do an additional recruitment drive, whilst maintaining your lead generation process within a controlled environment.

Improved Marketing Efforts

If you’re considering outsourcing your telemarketing as part of your lead generation strategy, then chances are you’re most likely looking at other areas of marketing too, including social media, market research and implementing calls to action.

Assuming that email marketing is part of your overall lead generation strategy, telemarketing allows you to build a database of accurate decision makers and their contact details, allowing your email marketing to be more relevant with an engagement level.

To further discuss how outsourced telemarketing can benefit your sales growth plans, get in touch today on 03332 400 054 or email enquiries@leadgenspecialists.co.uk

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