What to Consider When Hiring a B2B Telemarketing Company

What should you consider when deciding upon a telemarketing agency? We explore the qualities that would make a company the right fit for you!

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We've all needed to use Google to find a product or service at some point in our professional or personal lives.

Many people have found themselves looking for a telemarketing company, whether they were salespeople looking to further exceed their objective, business owners looking to enhance sales, or marketers looking to top off their marketing funnel. When you press enter, it is not uncommon to be bombarded by 32,300,000 results.

This article aims to give you straightforward points on what to consider when hiring a B2B telemarketing agency.

The Right Fit

There are plenty of telemarketing agencies out there that provide everything from B2B appointment setting and data cleanse exercises to data sourcing and fully integrated campaigns. But what should you consider when deciding on a supplier? In our opinion, there are many things that you should be asking when speaking to any potential B2B lead generation provider!

Are They Taking Advantage of Modern Technology?

Your potential lead generation company can track activities and outcomes and give you precise information by utilizing modern technology.

Lead generation work can be time-consuming and ineffective if not done correctly. Although telemarketing outsourcing is not an exception, you can speed up activity and generate high quality leads by installing the appropriate software. It will let you reach a lot more potential customers quickly.

For instance, productivity will suffer if the salesperson or sales team must read data from an excel spreadsheet line by line before manually dialing the numbers. This will result in fewer telemarketing calls and ultimately fewer appointments.

With the correct technology and approach, your agency will be able to:

  1. Make more calls – Ultimately resulting in more appointments. Speed is crucial in B2B sales.

  2. Analyse the results – Rome wasn't built in a day, and by comprehending the data your agency uses, you'll be able to concentrate your efforts on prospects who are more likely to convert. For instance, you might have chosen three target markets after conducting your data sourcing before starting your telemarketing campaign. You'll probably need to call more people in one or more of these target markets than you would in another in order to find an opportunity. Once you have a better knowledge of these indicators, you can start to adjust your strategy or launch a number of email campaigns to pique the interest of these prospects.

  3. Provide you with feedback that means something! – Understanding how the campaign is doing depends on timely, reliable reporting. At The Lead Gen Specialists, we give our clients the reporting, feedback, and data we need to immediately alter any messaging and stop wasting time on activities that are less likely to yield results. With a CRM that allows the telemarketing company to interpret the outcomes of the activity within your campaign you will have better visibility of:

  • Your target markets.

  • How the telemarketer is working with your pipeline of opportunities to progress them.

  • Options to consult with the telemarketing company on trends and areas of focus.

  • Onboarding

After ensuring that your telemarketing company has the necessary technology in place to ensure transparency throughout the campaign, it is recommended that you learn more about your provider's onboarding process. At The Lead Gen Specialists, we view the onboarding process as an opportunity for you to transfer your esoteric knowledge to your telemarketer, allowing them to confidently deliver your unique selling points and differentiator statements.

How Does the Company Ensure a Succesful Process?


Telemarketer education should be ongoing and progressive. We're not talking about teaching the telemarketer how to get past a gatekeeper or close an appointment; rather, we're talking about what the telemarketer receives in terms of a campaign brief and how that is translated into the outbound calls that they'll make for you.

The client-agency relationship is just as important, if not more so, than the campaign manager/telemarketer relationship.

The more relevant the telemarketer training is to your campaign, the better the results and, as a result, the client-agency relationship will be!


There should be an open dialogue between the telemarketer, client, and campaign manager. Now whilst this isn’t going to be easy for you to ascertain when choosing a supplier, you should try to understand what training goes into the campaign, allowing you to make an informed decision as to how your campaign is likely to be managed. You wouldn’t hand a new employee a telephone and say “there you go” without the right product training; outsourced telemarketing is no different!

Your New Telemarketer

From our own internal studies, the telemarketing campaigns that deliver the best results, are those where the telemarketer and client have an ongoing working relationship.

If your telemarketer were sat in the office next to you or working remotely as an employee, you wouldn’t ignore them. The same can be said when working with your outsourced telemarketing agency.

At The Lead Gen Specialists, we not only have the right telemarketing software and training in place, but we understand the metrics of what makes a successful telemarketing campaign. If you’d be interested in a discovery contact us to find out how we can drive your sales forward get in touch today on 03332 400 054 or email us at enquiries@leadgenspecialists.co.uk

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